How Savings Account Interest Rates of RBL Create Wealth on Deposit?

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Posted on: 03/24/20

Are you confused between banks and looking for a savings account with a high interest rate, then your search ends at RBL Bank. You can open a savings bank account with RBL Bank, and earn up to 6.75% interest rate. The bank probably gives you the best rates on your deposits and to know about RBL savings account interest rates read this article.

Why is RBL Advantage savings account best?

The savings account is considered best because it provides the maximum interest rate on your deposits. You need to maintain a minimum balance in your account to keep it active. The account holder gets a Platinum Mastercard debit card with their RBL advantage savings account. Using which you can withdraw up to INR 1 lakh per day from all the ATMs with free access. With the help of the RBL debit card, you can also shop online and offline up to INR 2 lakh. No other bank would provide you this much advantage to your Savings account.

Map of savings account interest rates on the RBL Advantage account!

RBL Bank gives 6.75% interest rate on your deposits above INR 3 crore or up to INR 5 crore. And if your savings reaches the INR crore mark and goes further, then you must get in touch with the relationship manager. The advisor will suggest the right method to get the deposit amount managed. And if your savings reach INR 1 lakh on daily balance basis then you can earn the RBL savings account interest rates up to 5.00%. Above the INR 1 lakh balance the interest rate increased to 6.00% and for above INR 10 lakh 6.75%. So hurry and open your savings account with the RBL bank.

How to open an RBL Advantage savings account?

You can open a savings account with the RBL bank quickly and easily using the online banking and mobile app. Just provide your KYC details and document numbers to confirm your identity. Once your documentation process gets completed and the account is activated, you can start depositing the funds to it. You get the benefit of 15% discount on your safe deposit locker with RBL bank if you are the owner of the locker. And the account along with the high savings account interest rates give 25% discount on your loan processing fee if you make EMI payment using Standard Instruction.

With a high interest rate RBL bank offers full security to the user. You can claim the lost card liability insurance up to INR 1 lakh if your debit card is lost or stolen. And to claim it you must have reported the card lost or stolen report to the bank via the customer care service. The bank also gives you insurance on air accidents and death up to INR 5 to INR 10 lakh.

So, grab this opportunity and open your savings account with the RBL bank because you couldn't find these offers elsewhere in a savings account. Download the RBL mobile app and make the account opening procedure easy for you, and get advantage of high savings account interest rates on your deposits.


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