How To Check My CIBIL Score Online & Improve My Credit History?

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Posted on: 03/21/20

To know what your CIBIL score is, login to the Transunion CIBIL account. The online credit bureau helps you get a free CIBIL score. You can get this benefit only if you have a CIBIL account. But, why do I need to know how to check my CIBIL score online? You need to check the CIBIL score because it helps make you aware of your credit record so that you donít face any undue application rejection and get your score reduced further. Read this post further.

Create a CIBIL account for CIBIL check!

You can create a CIBIL account online by mentioning a few details to the credit bureau. Visit the official Transunion CIBIL website and fill in your details like name, email, mobile number and Voter Id, PAN or Aadhar card number as a security service code. Once you provide the details then click on submit and verify. After that enter the OTP which you will receive on your mobile number. Your CIBIL account is created in 4 hours and you get the notification on your mobile or mail once it is ready.  

Then you want to know how to check My CIBIL score online, just enter your username and password to login to your CIBIL account to get your score. The score ranges from 300 to 900 and the user can check the score for free one time only after that he/she needs to pay for the CIBIL paid plans.

What if my CIBIL is low?

By finding out how to check my CIBIL score online with the credit bureau, you must want to know what to do if the score is low. Then there is no need to worry because CIBIL has all the solutions ready for you. With the paid plans of CIBIL, you can get access to the score simulator tool that gives tips for improving the score. Primarily the score is low because of the credit history. If the borrower doesnít pay the loan EMIs or default in credit card bills, then the score gets lower every time the payment is skipped.

The solution of the CIBIL score improvement also lies in the payment. In the way the score gets low by payment of the due, you can recover your credit history by the payment of the due amount. And it is not easy, you need to first check your credit report. Or you can get the credit report in CIBIL only. As, how to check my CIBIL score bothers you now you have a credit report also. To get unlimited access for one month in CIBIL, you can pay INR 550+GST. Under the basic CIBIL plan you can improve your score, and get loan and credit card offers based on your score.

Benefits of CIBIL on my credit card and loan approvals!

Want to find the best credit card or loan for yourself, then CIBIL helps you with this. Like the simple answer of how to check my CIBIL score, CIBIL gets you the best credit card and loan. If you are unable to find the loan of your need then donít worry CIBIL is there for you and brings the best offers for you. The loan and credit card which the credit bureau suggests to you is based on your credit score; it means you wouldn't face any issue during the loan or card approval. 

Now, get the advantage of CIBIL and get instant alerts when there are changes in your score with the premium alert service.


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